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With the explosive spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa we soon also came to realize that our efforts had to be focused on caring for the many orphaned children particularly in countries such as Swaziland which currently has over 180,000 orphans.

Larry and Joyce

Both did their medical training in Chicago in the 50s, He in medicine, she in nursing. After a brief time in private practice in Oregon to pay off school debts, they sailed out of New York City on a steamer, with their 2 small children, headed for West Africa. This was 1960. There was no email and in most places not even long distance telephone. The only communication with home was mail and if they

could afford it, airmail or telegraph. Dr. larry SandbergThey worked in Northern Nigeria in the city of Jos, built a hospital and started a medical dispensers training school. They returned home to the States to get further training. Larry wanted to teach biochemistry in a Nigerian Medical College. He did a PhD at the University of Oregon in Portland for this purpose but just as they were about to return to Nigeria, the Biafran civil war erupted and the medical college they planned to teach at was destroyed. So instead he did a 2 year special fellowship at Cql Tech to study protein structure and then took a position at the University of Utah where they stayed for 18

years while their children, now 4 girls, grew up. During this "waiting period" they did a number of short-term mission trips to Africa almost always with the girls "tagging along". These trips were research-related and it was on one of these trips while they were attempting some new treatments on malnourished infants that they discovered the world of Africa Orphans, a sub-culture of millions of African babies, the least important citizens on our planet, most of whom were destined to die from disease and / or malnutrition.

It changed their lives and as a result they founded and incorporated Lamb Orphanage in 1989.


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