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The Children

With the explosive spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa we soon also came to realize that our efforts had to be focused on caring for the many orphaned children particularly in countries such as Swaziland which currently has over 180,000 orphans.


PoppyI was approached by a doctor at Baylor in July 2017, and asked if ABC would help with a baby due to be born in the September. A young school girl, who is a full orphan, was raped and found to be pregnant. She was very traumatised by the rape and wanted nothing to do with the baby. She asked for the baby to be removed at birth as she wanted to return back to school to complete her schooling.
As soon as the mother went into labour, ABC was notified and together with the social worker, went to the hospital to pick up the newly born baby girl. The mother is receiving counseling and is now willing to see the baby occasionally. She will return to school in 2018 to complete her studies. The baby will remain in ABC for now.


PoppySozo was born as the 3rd baby to parents living on the streets in one of Swaziland’s cities. Both parents were known to be mentally challenged. Their first 2 babies had died. During her mother’s pregnancy, the mother had been taken to Baylor Clinic as she had tested positive to HIV. The doctors tried to help the parents as they were both very sick. They were put onto ARV treatment. After Sozo was born, the parents disappeared and their whereabouts was unknown. They had defaulted on their treatment.

Police were called in to try and trace them but no one knew where they were. When Sozo was about 6 months old, the parents realized that she was dying, so they turned to Baylor clinic for help once again. This time they tested positive to TB as well. Little Sozo also tested positive to TB. Once again they were put onto treatment but again they defaulted. After 2 weeks the mother appeared at Baylor again and the doctor admitted Sozo to the Government hospital to make sure that the parents didn’t disappear with her again. Sozo was very sick and was smaller than a newborn baby. It was at this time that Social Welfare was called in to investigate the situation. The baby was removed from the mother and then placed into the Bulembu Baby home.

She was now 8 months old and wearing newborn baby clothes, weighing only 3.2kg (about 7lb)! She was initiated onto ARV treatment together with the TB treatment and slowly we saw God’s miracle on her life. She is now recovered from TB and growing into an amazing little girl. She is well established on ARV treatment and her CD4 and blood work has improved drastically. She is now crawling and is very active, always looking for things to touch and play with. She is happy and contented and has the biggest smile in the world.


PoppyEmmanuel was born one of a set of twins. His mother gave birth to him and his identical twin brother, in a mud hut on a farm and his 12 year old sister helped the mother to deliver the twins. Because of poverty, the mother was unable to afford to go to the hospital to give birth. After 1 week the neighbours reported the case to the police and social welfare were called in. The mother and the twins were then admitted to the government hospital. By the time ABC was able to intervene, the smaller twin, Gabriel, had died. Emmanuel was 1 month old when ABC rescued him from the hospital. He was premature and very small, weighing just 1.8kg at birth. His mother never left the hospital and passed away 4 months later.
Emmanuel has grown into a lively 2 year old. ABC has managed to locate 3 of his older siblings living in another orphanage down south of Swaziland, and when Emmanuel is older, he will be move to this orphanage to be reunited with and grow up with his siblings.

Other Children

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